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Bankable Project Profile

What is a Project Profile?

A project profile is a details information of an industry or project prepared in organized way with accurate data.  A project profile contains the background and prospects of a project, cost of the project, investment requirement of the project, production flow, raw materials requirement, working capital requirement, projected profit and loss account statement, balance sheet statement, ratio analysis, market analysis, machinery and civil works requirement, vehicles requirement, etc.

Project Profile

What is the Purpose of the Profile?

The project profile serves various paramount purposes. These are discussed in brief bellow:

a) A project profile gives a clear idea of a projected business. It helps the entrepreneurs to decide on the investment requirement of the project.

b) It helps the entrepreneur to learn about the prospects of the project, the probable market of the products, the raw materials requirement of the project, the source of raw materials, the cost of goods sold, the man power requirement, the civil works requirement, the machinery and equipment requirement, the power requirement, etc.

c) A project profiles gives the financial information of a project that helps the investors to decide on their investment.

Preparing Project Profile

We prepare project profile for all kinds of industries like

We prepare project profile for bank loan, Bangladesh Bank (ICB EEF) loan and feasibility study. For more information about our consultancy service & Project Profile, please contact us, visit our office or ask our clients.

You can buy a project profile from us only at Tk 25000.00 or get a sample project profile to have a look on the quality of our project profiles.

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