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Project Profile / Feasibility Report Template/Excel Format

Buy a Project Profile Template and become an expert project profile consultant in a few hours. Our template of project profile or project feasibility report is highly formulated and automated so that anybody having minimum working experience with microsoft excel can edit and prepare project profile of any kind of business, project or plant.

Now prepare project profile of any industry and become an expert consultant of project profile. The business owners can also can make their own project profile themselves. It is easy, perfect and free from errors.

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Payment options:

  1. Buy with BIKASH mobile payment: 01914 86 79 29 (call 01914867929 after payment)
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  3. Buy with credit card, monebookers, etc. online: Instructions

Delivery method & time:

Delivery by email as attachment within 24 hours.

What you will get with Project Profile / Feasibility Report Template/Excel Format?

The complete automated built-in format to generate the following annextures of Project Profile / Feasibility Report. Just you need some input data, and the report is ready to print.

Annexure-I (a)Cost of the Project
Annexure-I (b)Cost of Finance
Annexure-I (c)Assumption for financial analysis
Annexure-IICost of Land
Annexure-IIIPreliminary Expenses
Annexure-IVCost of Vehicle
Annexure-VWorking Capital
Annexure-VIEstimated Income Statement
Annexure-VII (a)Sales Estimate
Annexure-VII (b)Selling Price
Annexure-VIII (a)Cost of Goods Sold
Annexure-VIII (b)Cost of Raw Materials
Annexure-VIII (c)Salary & Wages
Annexure-VIII (d)Repairs & Maintenance Cost
Annexure- IX (a)Administrative & Selling Expenses
Annexure- IX (b)Administrative Salary
Annexure-XBreak Even Analysis
Annexure-XIEstimated Cash Flow Statement
Annexure-XIIEstimated Balance Sheet
Annexure-XIIIInternal Rates of Return
Annexure-XIVDebt-Service Coverage Ratio
Annexure-XVPay-Back Period
Annexure-XVIMargin of Safety
Annexure-XVIIDetails of Building Construction and Civil Works
Annexure-XVIIIDetails of Imported & Local Machinery
Annexure-XIXDetails of Installation & Erection of Machinery
Annexure-XXFurniture, Fixture & Office Equipments
Annexure-XXISensitivity Analysis (5% increase)
Annexure-XXIISensitivity Analysis(5% decrease)
Annexure-XXIIIComputation of Contribution to GDP
Annexure-XXIVRepayment of Bank Finance
Annexure-XXVFinancial Ratio
Annexure-XXVIImplementation Schedule (Estimated in Months)

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